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Trust can’t be established through gimmicks nor it can be forced down people’s throats. Many businesses establish services in order to encourage the growth of this trust, which eventually leads to improved business metrics. Hence trust plays a crucial role in the success of a business.

One of the best ways for Apps to gain the trust of its users is to provide them reliable In-App Communication features via Good Chat Experiences. These contribute in building a sustainable user base and generating good customer satisfaction levels.

So how exactly do Good Chat Experiences create Trust, Let’s find out

It’s Convenient

In this digital era, customers expect real-time responsiveness that provides them with what they want and right when they want it. Chat is a tool that lets people connect instantly without the need to dial a number or to wait on hold on a call. Sending a quick text message takes less effort and saves time.

While chatting, you are free to read emails, open any other apps, or talk to a coworker, hence multitasking is another convenient aspect of chat.

For example, instant chat services are being utilized during telecommuting as it ensures that the workers stay up to date with all of the business that they need to take care of and also empowers social conversations that are no longer happening in person.

It’s Proactive

Chat is often most powerful as a proactive communication channel unlike emails or phone support. What engages people in a conversation is the proactiveness of the listener. People feel comforted knowing they can talk with someone who is always ready to answer them and assist them in every possible way.

Implementing Typing Indicators and Read Receipts into your chat software’s user experiences fulfill the purpose of fundamental, organic feedback during a chat conversation.

Furthermore, the Online Presence Indicator provides visibility into whether a user is online or offline within the chat service which in return acts as a key tool in coordinating and strengthening collaborative workflows. Features like Push Notifications also enhance customer retention as it facilitates anytime, anywhere connection that keeps people hooked onto a platform.

All these make a truly organic in-app chat experience that is bound to establish trust among the users.

Offers Easy Call Access

Chat platforms help to get in touch with the customers instantly and guide them in quick decision making. Furthermore, voice and video calling features benefit in personalizing the sessions and save customers from tripping out. Hence chat platforms offer remote support to the users at a single click anytime anywhere.

It’s familiar

Chatting and texting have become the preferred forms of communication these days as users tend to feel more intimate and familiar while using chat platforms to have virtual communication.

Further, the use of Emojis, GIFs, and Message Reactions in a chat help to show empathy, drives user retention, and creates personalized communication. This is because the brain perceives these as nonverbal information and so they are processed as emotions. Thus, people are more inclined to respond and click on a message with emojis, GIFs, and Message Reactions than the ones without them.

Access to Personalized Profile

Chat platform empowers users accessibility to tailor profiles and take control of the user base, profile images, etc. Hence such personalized profiles help to build up trust among the customers.

For instance, in the case of a marketplace platform, the personalized profile shows the market rating of that platform which acts as a deciding factor to build a relationship with that user.

Makes Document & Media Sharing Easy

Sharing of documents or media via chat has now become a vital part of a more productive approach. This way of information sharing has eliminated the traditional ways of information sharing i.e via emails which can be troublesome at times.
Another significant aspect of document sharing is that the documents can be shared in any form i.e text, pdf, or doc. Also, media like images, videos, and audio files can also be shared in multiple formats.

Thus apart from offering real-time communication via text, voice calls, and video calls, users can even build relationships over chat by sharing files.

For example, telemedicine allows collecting and sharing health history, medical images, X-Ray reports of a patient with a medical specialist for assessment. Thus patient satisfaction and engagement in healthcare have improved greatly through the use of telemedicine.

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Builds Long Term Relationships

Chat is an effective way to build long-term relationships with your customers, and between your users. When customers feel that they are being listened to and taken care of, bonds are formed and loyalty comes from that. Thus a well-defined chat platform increases customer engagement and helps to build long term relationships.


“Trust can be a fragile thing, but it is the foundation on which all relationships are built be it personal or professional”.

When you visit a store, the retailer gets the chance to build a rapport with you during the buying process. This helps them build trust and finalize the sale. But online, you can’t do that.
Users are suspicious of buying things from people they are not familiar with. But, with chat, you can have a direct conversation with your buyer that allows you to break down the trust barriers. Hence trust is extremely essential in the business world. The best way to earn your customer’s trust is to provide them with a chat solution that is reliable, enriched with features, and drives customer satisfaction. can be useful in achieving this trust as it offers customizable real-time chat features to connect your users across platforms, with robust Chat API & SDKs. And in the spirit of giving power to UI customizations, has also launched several UI Kits which will provide flexibility to developers to build chat exactly how they want. It enables achieving a beautiful chat app interface for all use-cases like live chat, online consultation & tutoring, team collaboration, messaging, customer support, dating chat, and gaming chat

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