How Ecommerce Brands can provide Product Experiences that convert to Sales with Live stream shopping platform

How Ecommerce Brands can provide Product Experiences that convert to Sales5 min read

The importance of offering the right Product Experience for an E-commerce Brand is immense. It can create or destroy sales. A brand can either offer a compelling product experience, cultivate a sense of trust, influence buying decisions, and ultimately drive revenue, or it can foster uncertainty and frustration among buyers.

In this blog, we’ll break down how E-commerce Brands can provide Product Experiences that convert to Sales.

The eCommerce business model has proven to be a success because it accommodates shoppers by giving them the ability to shop from the comfort of their homes. It has also made selling products more affordable for businesses since it doesn’t require the overheads that come with selling from a brick-and-mortar store.

However, eCommerce lacks personal and emotional brand connect, as well as product experiences that can lead to swift, confident purchase decisions. These are qualities that physical in-store shopping provides, but normal e-commerce lacks.

Thus, many eCommerce businesses have now begun to integrate Live Stream Shopping Platforms into their business strategies, as a tactic to offer improved product experiences to ultimately improve their sales and the perception of their brands. live stream shopping platform client success

Improved Product Experiences with Live Streaming Ecommerce

Let us first understand what Product Experiences are and how we can achieve them via a live video shopping platform. 

Product experiences are when your buyers experience aspects of products that can lead to an informed purchase decision. Live video shopping or livestreaming ecommerce offers brands the ability to demonstrate and advertise their product live to an online audience in such a way that customers can truly see a product in all its perfection and flaws and experience all the aspects of a product in real-time. While doing so if they have any questions, then those can be answered in real-time as well.

Lets us consider few use cases from brands of varied industries to understand this:

If you are a Fashion Brand, you can showcase product stylizations to your audience. While talking about a product, you can talk about various ways a product can be styled, use-cases, and texture of a product. 

If you are a Jewelry Brand you can showcase how different jewelry pieces can be paired. You can also show close-ups and designs of jewelry items. 

A Skincare and Beauty Products Brand can highlight the texture, finish, and feel of a moisturizer. You can also demonstrate the application of various skin care products in real-time. Your host can model a new eyeshadow, or demonstrate lipstick swatches in real-time.

Breweries and Wineries can host live tasting sessions while offering winery tours and attract consumers virtually.

For a Consumer Electronics Brand, you can demonstrate new features of a product. Furthermore, you can also compare two different electronics products and showcase the pros and cons for each of them.

If you are a Home Decor Brand you can demonstrate the durability of a product by dropping it! You can show a product’s real-life view and how it fits in a physical space.

A Hospitality Brand can showcase the look and feel of a hotel room and the views from it, make watchers virtually tour a holiday destination or any other accommodation.

For a Healthy Snacks Brand, you can highlight the packaging or seal of your product to depict its longevity. You can also display food products in a super dynamic way, giving customers a 360-degree view.

An Automobile Brand can drive buyers to showrooms and allow them to experience the interior of a vehicle.

If you are a Fitness Brand you can highlight the specifications of gym equipment, the exercise regimens that it could be suitable for, etc.

These are some of the ways by which brands of various industries can offer Improved Product Experiences enabling customers to better understand how a new product fulfills their requirements and satisfies their needs. This ultimately helps them know products better leading to more Informed Buying Decisions and Faster Sales Conversions. The product experience can further be cemented with features like:

Real-time Interactions

During a Live Shopping Show, you have the opportunity to engage with your customers in real-time hence increasing customer engagement. You can ask them questions about which styling they think is best, answer their questions, create polls to know their opinions and keep track of comments during the live chat.

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Increasing sales with live stream shopping platform

Story Telling

By telling a story that embodies challenges faced by consumers and how your brand is helping them with products and services create an experience that resonates, educates, and sticks with them. Furthermore, with live stream shopping platform, hosts have the ability to share brand stories in an engaging way, share details behind a product’s creation, and answer audiences’ questions. 

Influencer Collaborations

Training your Influencers to highlight the right aspects of your products can be an effective way to offer immersive product experiences to buyers. During a Live Shopping Show influencers that can be anyone from celebrities to subject-matter experts to KOLs (key opinion leaders) to any prominent personality, can showcase how a product is made, how it is worn, how it works, or can talk about product colour, size, fit and usage of a product. An effective live video shopping platform can thus take your collaborations with influencers to a whole new level.

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Selling live with live stream shopping platform

Promotions and Sales Strategies

After you have provided amazing product experiences, implementing Promotions and Sales Strategies like running discounts, flash sales, deals, auctions, giveaways, and limited-time offers can be cherry-on-the-cake to boost your sales. These can keep your customers engaged and entertained, and hence they are more likely to invest in your products.

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Live Stream Shopping is a new technology that has given a boost to the E-commerce Industry. The potential to offer customers an insight into the usage, quality, and functioning of a product with Live Shopping is significant. An effective live stream shopping app can be an opportunity for retailers of all kinds to improve their Product Experiences and ultimately Generate Revenues. Live Stream Shopping Platform can help bring your audience closer to your brand, showcase your products and create fun and engaging shopping experiences. Connect with us, and host amazing Live Shopping Shows for your Community! 

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