Driving Business Growth with Instagram: Mastering the art of Video Commerce

Driving Business Growth with Instagram: Mastering the art of Video Commerce5 min read

Instagram has evolved into a powerhouse for driving business growth, especially in the e-commerce sector. With over a billion active users, it offers a vast platform for brands to engage directly with consumers.

By leveraging the power of Video Commerce via Shoppable Videos and Live Shopping, Brands can turn Instagram into a powerful tool for Driving Business Growth with Instagram. Shoppable Videos bridge the gap between the engaging world of Instagram and the practicality of ecommerce, while Live Shopping allows brands to connect with their buyer audiences in real time and generate Sales. Let’s decode how to master the art of Video Commerce on Instagram through Shoppable Videos and Live Shopping and significantly drive business growth.

Transforming Browsing into Buying with Shoppable Videos

  • Shoppable Videos can help Brands bridge the gap between the engaging world of Instagram and the practicality of ecommerce. By using the Instagram Import feature by Channelize.io, Brands can transform any Instagram Reel into a potential sale. 
  • This allows Buyers to instantly purchase the products featured in Shoppable Videos with a simple click, leading to increased sales and finally making your social media efforts pay off! 
  • Shoppable Videos harness eye-catching visuals to capture the attention of online shoppers, especially when arranged in diverse layouts. Brands can now leverage user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram transforming them into Shoppable Videos on any page of their website. 
  • Whether it’s the homepage or a product-specific page, these Videos can be displayed in attractive layouts like Carousels or Floating styles, making your products worth Buying. 
  • The Instagram import feature maximizes ROI by repurposing existing video content, saving on production costs and time. It also opens new sales channels, potentially increasing average order values and decreasing cart abandonment rates. By making reels shoppable, brands can tap into new customer segments and drive additional sales.

Learn more about turning Instagram Reels into shoppable experiences.

Driving Sales Through Live Shopping on Instagram

  • Simulcasting Live Shopping shows on Instagram can help brands generate sales in a number of ways. First, it allows Brands to get Followers as Audiences for their Live Shopping Shows. 
  • And hence more Sales, by broadcasting the Live Video Streams of their Shopping Shows on Instagram. Instagram Alerts followers when an account they follow goes Live, so your followers will be alerted too, about your Shopping Show’s simulcasted Instagram Live Stream, thus giving more eyeballs to your Shopping Shows. 
  • Audiences on Instagram will still get the complete Shopping Show experience on your Website / App / Ecommerce Store and will be able to place their orders from there, and so hosts of the shopping shows should encourage watchers to follow the link of your Shopping Show to shop the promoted products. 
  • Brands should also add links to their Live Shop, and/or upcoming shopping shows in their Instagram Bio and Live Stream description so that more followers go to the shopping show on their website to shop.
    Pro-Tip: Bio-link tools like Linktree help with that.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can simulcast on Instagram.

Promoting Live Shopping Shows for Maximum Impact

To ensure your Audience tunes into your Show, it’s crucial to effectively Promote your Live Shows and captivate your Audience enough to not just watch but also actively participate in Purchasing. Instagram Live Shopping Promotion is the key to making your Live Shopping Shows more visible, getting more audience Traffic, and eventually Selling more Products. Here are a few ways you can leverage Instagram to increase your chances of Exposure and Sales:

  • Utilizing Instagram Bio: Include a link to your upcoming live shopping show in your Instagram bio. You can also use your bio to highlight the products that will be featured in the show.
  • Maximizing Instagram Stories: Use Instagram Stories to create hype for your live shopping show. You can use countdown stickers, teasers, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to generate excitement.
  • Instagram Ads: Consider running Instagram ads to promote your live shopping show to a wider audience. You can target your ads to people who are interested in your products or who have shown interest in live shopping in the past.

Selling on Ecommerce Website vs Instagram

There are significant benefits to be gained by hosting Live Shopping & Shoppable Videos on your own website or App, using a platform like Channelize.io. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Easy Adoption: Channelize.io offers a user-friendly platform with a Production Dashboard for store admins and broadcaster apps for show hosts. This makes it easy for anyone to get started with live shopping and shoppable videos.
  • Deeper Level Analytics & Data Ownership: Live shopping on your website provides deeper insights and data ownership compared to Instagram. Channelize.io tracks key metrics to measure a show’s success, including engagement KPIs (total comments, reactions) and performance KPIs (duration, peak viewers, etc.). You can also export viewer data for retargeting campaigns.
  • Reduce Overheads with your own Site & More Control on Buyer Experiences: Live shopping on your website eliminates the distractions of social media platforms, allowing you to fully control the branding and buyer experience. Social media often requires viewers to leave the livestream to make a purchase, which can hurt conversion rates. Channelize.io on your website keeps viewers engaged and facilitates impulse purchases.
  • Brand Building & Recall: Live shopping on your website builds brand recognition and recall more effectively than social media. Viewers are more likely to remember your brand when they experience it in a dedicated space. Channelize.io helps create a lasting brand image through live shopping experiences.

Conclusion: Optimizing Instagram for Ecommerce Growth 

Mastering the art of Video Commerce on Instagram through Shoppable Videos and Live Shopping can significantly drive business growth.

These strategies not only enhance user engagement but also provide measurable returns on investment, proving essential for any ecommerce brand looking to capitalize on digital sales channels. Embrace these innovations to transform your Instagram presence into a robust sales platform.

We hope you can make the right choice for your brand now and book a Free DEMO or get in touch with us at info@channelize.io with us at the earliest!

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