CALPAK scaling Sales by selling Travel Goods via Live Shopping

CALPAK scaling Sales by selling Travel Goods via Live Shopping ---- 2 min read

CALPAK was founded in 1989 with the simple goal of creating quality travel bags at affordable prices. Keeping the new customer in mind, the brand is successfully creating items like luggage, organizers and travel bags and accessories based on thoughtful, modern design and self-expression.

A new shopping behavior of consumers as well as a commitment to digital innovation lead the brand to adopt Livestream Shopping Platform.

Platform was adopted by the brand for the following purposes:

  • Attracting new audiences
  • Generating Sales
  • Building a loyal digital audience
  • Offering shopping experiences to maintain the brand at the top of mind of its target audience.

With our Platform, Calpak is able to unify these goals into a single action, establishing the brand as the first major travel goods brand to incorporate live shopping as a new sales channel.

One of the most successful shows hosted by the brand garnered :

  • 5 Figures in Sales
  • 2300 + show Viewers
  • Product View Rate of approx 35%

Here is how the brand is benefiting from Live Stream Shopping Platform:

Demonstrates Value in Real-Time

Unlike traditional online shopping, live stream shopping is all about getting instant results. Via Live Stream Shopping Platform, Shoppers are connected to a live shopping show in real-time, where they see and witness products in action. The brand is effectively showcasing its product features and benefits, pushing shoppers into a “buy now” mindset. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) factor is also amplified.

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Accelerates Conversions

With Livestream Shopping Platform purchases can be made with just a few clicks, shortening the customer journey significantly. Since there are fewer barriers to making purchases, the likelihood of impulse buying increases. Additionally, Live stream shopping offers an improved, personalized and convenient shopping experience for shoppers which ultimately promotes conversions for the brand.

Improves Customer Experience

By leveraging our Platform, the brand is able to showcase how their products work, and address customer concerns in real-time. In addition to answering questions within minutes, live chat also allows shoppers to interact and feel the pulse. 

In Summary, Live Shopping Platform is revolutionizing the at home shopping experience by increasing interest in product launches, maximizing influencer impact and consumer engagement, and driving unprecedented Sales for Brands. Live Video Shopping Platform has established a solid reputation with 800+ satisfied global brands across different industries. Our platform has helped traditional brands like Happy & Fit, ILLUM, Arctic Fox, and niche brands like The Quilted Cow, WOW Skin Science, and Nature Baby as well. All you need to do is to book a FREE DEMO with us and get started.

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