BFCM and Holiday Season – Live Shopping Strategies for F&B Brands

BFCM and Holiday Season – Live Shopping Strategies for F&B Brands ---- 4 min read

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As the festive season approaches, Food and Beverage (F&B) Brands face the challenge of cutting through the noise to generate online sales. The Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend and the subsequent holiday season are critical periods for F&B brands, as Shoppers are on the lookout for special offers, gift ideas, and festive treats. Discover effective Live Shopping strategies for F&B brands to boost online sales this BFCM and holiday season. Also, discover top use-cases for maximizing engagement and driving growth.

Challenges Faced by F&B Brands to Generate Online Sales

  • One of the primary challenges for F&B Brands is the sensory gap—the inability for buyers to taste, smell, or experience the product firsthand online. This gap can be a significant barrier to purchase. 
  • Additionally, F&B Brands must contend with intense competition, delivery logistics, and the need to maintain product freshness and quality, all of which are heightened during the high-stakes BFCM and holiday season.

Importance of BFCM and Holiday Season for F&B Brands

The BFCM and holiday season are pivotal for F&B Brands due to the surge in consumer spending. It’s a time when Buyers are actively seeking out not just deals but also unique and premium experiences to share with friends and family. Capitalizing on this season can lead to a substantial increase in sales, customer acquisition, and brand loyalty.

Live Shopping Strategies for F&B Brands this Holiday Season

Here are five-pointed strategies that F&B Brands can implement:

1. Interactive Product Reveals: Utilize Live Shopping sessions to unveil new holiday-themed products, creating anticipation and excitement.

2. Curated Holiday Bundles: Showcase special holiday bundles and gift sets through Live Shopping, highlighting the value and festive appeal of these curated selections.

BONUS TIP: Creating a Dedicated Calender for Shopping Shows

To help you make the most of the BFCM and Holiday Season, we’ve created a Live Shopping Calendar that spans till December. 

This Live Shopping Calendar includes all the major Holidays and significant Dates that can serve as strategic anchors for Live Shopping Shows.

By tailoring Live Shopping Shows to these Occasions and Dates, you can create engaging, holiday-themed experiences that resonate with your Buyers, ensure maximum Visibility and Engagement, and drive Sales during the busiest shopping season of the year.

3. Chef Collaborations: Partner with well-known chefs to host Live Shopping Shows, where they can demonstrate recipes and promote products, lending credibility and allure to the brand.

4. Customer Testimonials: Feature real-time testimonials from shoppers during Live Shopping sessions to build trust and provide social proof.

Bonus: Apart from the use cases mentioned in the Article, brands can also experiment with other content types. Here are some ideas.

5. Engagement Boosters: Integrate interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and contests during Live Shopping shows to keep buyer audiences engaged and entertained.


Here are five practical use cases for integrating Live Shopping strategies for F&B brands:

1. Mix and Mingle Mixology Classes: Host live sessions where mixologists use your brand’s products to craft the perfect holiday cocktail, encouraging viewers to mix along and purchase featured items.

Protip: Effectively Marketing these Shopping Shows can play a big role in making your BFCM a success. Here are some ways to do so.

2. Bake and Take Sessions: Conduct live baking classes where participants can learn to make holiday treats using your products, driving sales of baking kits or ingredients.

3. Meal-Prep Marathons: Offer live meal-preparation marathons featuring your products, perfect for viewers looking for holiday meal inspiration.

4. Farm to Festive Tours: Provide virtual tours of farms or production facilities, showing the journey of ingredients from their source to holiday tables.

5. Holiday Giveaways: Run exclusive giveaways during Live Shopping events, incentivizing viewers to stay engaged and increasing the likelihood of product purchases.

By implementing these Live Shopping strategies for F&B Brands and use-cases, brands can effectively engage with their audience, enhance the customer experience, and drive sales during the critical BFCM and holiday shopping season.

In Conclusion

The implementation of Live Shopping strategies for F&B brands during the BFCM and holiday season is a powerful tool to overcome online sales challenges. By engaging customers through interactive storytelling, real-time interaction, and exclusive experiences, F&B brands can create a memorable shopping experience that not only drives sales but also builds lasting relationships with consumers.

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