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Due to the global spread of COVID-19, most of the countries around the world have imposed lockdowns to fight the pandemic. The nature of this viral infection also makes it risky for patients of any ailment to travel to healthcare centers, as they stand a...

Channelize.io Chat-Platform-as-a-Service adds feature-rich chat & calling capabilities to apps, which can serve important use-cases for many businesses. Our platform is easy to integrate with our Chat SDKs & API. User Authentication in API ensures that Channelize.io powered Chat is secure. All our Application API calls...

In our previous product article, we talked about what all we had released in our latest product update. Our JavaScript Chat UI Kit was the most prominent roll-out in that. In this article, we will show how you can use our Channelize.io open-source JavaScript Chat...

Channelize.io makes it super easy to build, launch and run Chat in your Apps, whatever be your use-case. For 1-1 Chats, following are the most common ways to lead users to conversations: Button on Profile: Example, "Message" button on profile of a service provider the...