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Engagement is the key to success for Social Networks, and it is well known that engagement is best obtained by communication.


SocialEngine is an award winning software platform for creating your own Social Networks. You can build your own Website and iOS & Android Mobile Apps with it. SocialEngine has powered over 25,000 social websites and online communities, globally connecting over 5,000,000 people.


PrimeMessenger can be a ‚ÄėGame-Changer for your SocialEngine Community‚Äô?


With the new integration with PrimeMessenger, SocialEngine powered communities can now become more engaging and useful. PrimeMessenger enables community owners to connect their users with rich messaging experiences. It provides a complete solution for integrating rich, engaging, real-time messaging directly into your Web and Mobile Applications.


As a CMS, SocialEngine can be used for creating a wide variety of online businesses like Niche communities, Interest based networks, Dating apps, Educational apps, Online classifieds, Social commerce apps, Communities around events, music, photos, videos, etc and more! PrimeMessenger adds great value to all such use cases. It helps to make conversations among users more delightful & simple, that strengthens the bond among community users, reduces churn rate and boosts up user retention.


Seamless integration with SocialEngine & SocialEngineAddOns Plugins


PrimeMessenger integrates seamlessly with your SocialEngine Website, iOS Mobile App and Android Mobile App. Key aspects of integration are: Privacy Controls (member blocking), Friendships, User Online / Offline Status, Member Profile & Photo, Matching Theme (branding), etc. In the website, messaging is available in easily accessible, attractive chat window that allows multiple chats simultaneously, and in the mobile apps too the messaging tabs are perfectly located.


PrimeMessenger’s integration with the Plugins of SocialEngineAddOns, the highest rated apps developer for SocialEngine, like Advanced Activity Feeds, Multiple Listing Types, Advanced Events, etc. also makes chatting experience engaging for users.


To know more about how each feature of PrimeMessenger can contribute to the success of your SocialEngine powered website and apps, please visit this page: .


Easy Setup & Data Migration


Setting up PrimeMessenger on your SocialEngine powered communities is easy, and our Support Team helps you with that.

Worried about losing existing conversations on your community? Well, PrimeMessenger enables migration of existing conversations on your SocialEngine website from Core Messages, SE Chat Plugin and CometChat. Along with messages, you will also be able to migrate your existing users and friendships to PrimeMessenger.




Check out the demos showcasing PrimeMessenger’s seamless integration with SocialEngine and SocialEnigneAddOns plugins at the below links:




Having said all this, it becomes clear that PrimeMessenger makes a great fit to drive conversations on your community and provide you tremendous value from them. So, get it now and see massive growth in user engagement, retention on your SocialEngine Community.
What are you waiting for?
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Note: PrimeMessenger currently works with SocialEngine PHP, and not with SocialEngine Cloud.

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